Piano Tuning Services in Watertown, CT

If you have a piano that’s getting on in years or has just been relocated from one area to another, there’s a good chance it needs to be tuned. In fact, pianos require routine tuning to keep producing beautiful music at the right pitch.

No matter the piano or the level of service needed, Terese M. Roland Piano Tuning is ready to lend an ear to your instrument! I’m the one to call for complete precision piano tuning service in Watertown, CT. My capabilities include:

  • Piano tuning

    I tune with precision, no matter what type of piano you have. Using a properly-calibrated chromatic electronic tuner and my keenly developed sense of pitch, I am able to tune your piano to the perfect temperament. Using steady, gentle hands and making sure to always double check each octave, I am able to restore the ideal pitch to every single key on your piano. I take immense pride in being able to offer piano tuning services in Watertown, CT for any type of piano!

  • Minor piano repairs

    Over time, you’re piano will need any number of basic repairs to stay working properly. I am here to deliver them! I am capable of providing you and your instrument with most minor repairs, including pinblock tuning, service for loose tuning pins and key cleaning and repairs.

  • Piano appraisals

    Have a piano you’re looking to sell? Curious about the value of a piano you’re interested in buying? My expertise with pianos has led me to become an authority on appraisals and I am happy to lend an insightful eye to your buying or selling. Contact me to schedule an appraisal appointment.

Piano Tuning

Let Your Instrument Sing

Your piano is a delicate instrument—make sure it’s getting the love and attention it needs to produce beautiful music each time you sit down at it. Contact Terese M. Roland Piano Tuning today for more information about tuning or basic repairs and I’ll be happy to schedule an appointment to provide your piano with professional oversight. Contact me today at 203-558-6675.

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